15 de agosto de 2022
Ed Sheeran, Kygo, Avicii, Robin Schulz, Lost Frequencies, The Chainsmokers Styles – Feeling Me

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0. Routine.Lyfes – Let It Go
1. 1.RouteNote – Kid On The Block Raining In My Heart ft Denis Kalytovskyi – Copy
2. Routine.Kid On The Block – Care In The World (Lyrics) ft. Denis Kalytovskyi
3. Routine.Aexcit x Hilla – Dancing in the moonlight
4. TRU Concept – Save Me (ft. Pershard Owens)
5. Justin Bieber – As Long As You Love Me (Robert Cristian Remix).mp4
6. Jon Sine – All About (Original Mix)
7. Osman Altun – Move On (Original Mix)
8. Dj Vianu – Something More Than This
9. Simon More – Meant To Be (Vlog No Copyright Music)
10. lucas estrada alex alexander everything with you
11. Nora Van Elken – All Night Long
12. Pascal Junior – Here For You
13. Pitt Leffer & Robert Cristian – Heavens (Original Mix)
14. RouteNote.Regard & LePrince – Good Vibes (Official Video).mp4
15. Pascal Junior – Time (Radio Edit)
16. Nikko Alonzo – Feel The Fire
17. Nora Van Elken – Find You (Adon Remix)
18. Pascal Junior – In My Dreams – Epic Tones
19. Nora Van Elken – I’ll Be There [Official Audio] https://fanlink.to/noravanelken

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